Disputed Hurricane Claims

Swamped with claims from multiple hurricanes in Florida alone, homeowner’s insurance companies will often cut costs wherever they can. Adjusters will try and reach quick settlements with you, often for amounts that are not reasonable. Insurance companies will try and delay some claims and just flatly deny other claims that should be paid.

The lawyers and staff at Smith & Vanture are experienced in making insurance companies pay for all damage done to your home. In most cases, if we are successful making the insurance company pay the disputed claim, the insurance company will be required to pay our fees and costs. If we don’t win, you dont pay fees or costs. Whether your claim is large or small, we may be able to help……

With offices in West Palm Beach and Tallahassee, we are strategically located to handle disputed insurance claims throughout the South. We invite you to ask us questions about your hurricane claim for free, by submitting your question on the “Contact Us” form.