Product Liability Law – West Palm Beach

Companies that produce consumer products are legally bound to ensure when they release a product for sale that it will not cause harm to the consumer. However, every few months we see in the news about another product recall due to a defect in manufacturing. Normally, the government’s regulatory agencies do hold manufacturers  to a higher standard and require them to ensure goods are not detrimental to trusting consumers.

On the other hand, consumers need to understand the proper use of products they purchase. Annually, many people suffer injuries due to a lack of information about a defective or dangerous product. So, when a manufacturer has failed in their responsibility to provide adequate warnings or instructions, even a relatively safe product can cause serious injuries, death and disfigurement.

Whether the defect was due to a part that was placed into the product or because of a defective design, it matters little to the injured party.  However, when things do go wrong, you may need to contact a product liability attorney in West Palm Beach or Tallahassee for legal assistance. Consumers who are injured as a result of a manufacturer’s negligence, may have a legitimate lawsuit to seek compensation for damages.

If you have suffered minor or permanent injuries, or lost a loved one due to a defective product, you should contact our attorneys to discuss your case. In the event the manufacturer failed to provide the proper quality control or they have failed to recall a product with an obvious defect, you need to understand your rights under the Florida personal injury laws.


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