Over the last several years, companies like Uber and Lyft have amassed fortunes by claiming that they provide a safe and convenient alternative for all kinds of passengers. However, a look at the data related to accidents on the road since ride sharing has gained popularity paints a very different picture. In short, the availability of these services is probably making the roads more dangerous than ever before due to the fact that so many people are logging long hours and many miles by treating their ride sharing service like a regular job.

Relevant research questions if ride sharing really helps passengers

Ridesharing services continue to receive negative publicity, as they may actually be making that nation’s roads more dangerous. Many had assumed that because the services would help people who need rides when they drive home after drinking or navigating unfamiliar areas while travelling, that the amount of traffic deaths in the country would decrease as more and more people get rides from companies such as Uber and Lyft. However, ride sharing is putting more cars on the road and causing more total miles to be driven, which actually results in more accidents and traffic fatalities.

The cumulative effect of all of these additional vehicles on the road is cancelling out the positives that are won by a few less drunk driving accidents because so many more drivers are on the road driving more miles than usual. Even accidents involving pedestrians and bicycles have increased since ride sharing services have become more popular. One basic conclusion to draw from all of this is that higher traffic volumes overall are actually making the nation’s streets more dangerous than ever before.

The problem of unsavory drivers

These ride-sharing companies do not really regulate or test their drivers which causes additional problems. This is because people really have no way of knowing who is driving them around, or if they have been subjected to protective measures like a driving test or criminal background check. Drivers for Uber have been very visible in the news for committing criminal acts against their passengers, such as beating or robbing them. Even criminals who have no affiliation with the company have tricked customers by posing as ride-sharing drivers to lure victims into their cars.

Are there differences between accidents while riding in an Uber versus other cars?

Keep in mind that ridesharing services have special kinds of insurance that are different from normal car accidents. Because companies like Uber and Lyft are large national businesses, they pay for policies that cover much more significant injuries than a standard auto insurance policy. They also tend to try to find reasons to deny paying out a claim to save money. An attorney can work with you to make sure the ride sharing service and its insurance provider pays out appropriately for any harm they cause to you or your family. While these differences are important, the right attorney who has knowledge of both regular car accidents and the specifics of suing a ride sharing company will be able to assist you and explain any particular issues that may arise related to your accident.

How do lawsuits after car accidents work?

The basic structure of any lawsuit that involves injuries caused by the fault of a negligent driver will always remain the same. Your attorney will need to prove that the driver breached their duty of care on the roads, which caused injuries and related problems to other people. This is the basic format for a common type of civil case called negligence. This process can become more complex when factors such as multiple drivers or an unclear cause of the accident come into play. The attorney may need to utilize accident reports taken on the scene by police as well as things like statements and depositions from witnesses or other parties who were either involved or nearby when the crash occurred.

The value of an accident really depends on the behavior of the driver, the severity of the accident and resulting injuries, along with other factors such as if anyone died or whether impairment by drugs or alcohol is suspected. Generally speaking, egregious behavior by drivers or accidents that result in serious injuries or death tend to pay out more to victims and their families than minor accidents that cause trivial injuries.

Get help from an attorney who specializes in ride sharing accidents

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