West Palm Beach Slip and Fall Lawyers

West Palm Beach Slip and Fall Lawyers
One of the last things you expect when you walk into a commercial building is unmarked hazards that can cause slip and fall injuries. Wet floors due to rain or spills, poorly lighted hallways, and loose banisters can all create hidden hazards that can ultimately lead to serious personal injury. When the injury is caused by someone’s negligence, you may have the right to collect from their insurance company.

Slip and Fall Accidents fall under Florida’s Premises Liability Law, which states the business, or landowner is reasonable to maintain their property ensuring reasonably safe conditions for all guests and customers. If you are injured as a result of the negligence of the landowner or business failing to keep their property safe, you may be entitled to compensation. Call our West Palm Beach Slip and Fall attorneys, and let their experience help you recover.

Too often safety code violations are ignored by property owners that result in people being seriously injured and spending time in the hospital as well as months of rehabilitation. These types of injuries can cause great physical pain and will often result in time off work which means lost wages and in some cases, permanent disfiguration or disability. When a place of business fails to adequately identify and warn of dangers, they are potentially liable for the resulting injuries.

Being injured can be very hard on you financially and emotionally. Since the insurance adjuster’s goal is to keep payouts as low as possible, it is never a good idea to attempt to negotiate with them without the assistance of competent counsel. Contacting a slip and fall attorney in Tallahassee or West Palm Beach is the first thing you should do after seeking medical care. Not only can a lawyer help you determine what your rights are under Florida’s personal injury laws, they can help you obtain a fair settlement.

If you are a victim who has suffered an injury, call Smith & Vanture for a free consultation. Our West Palm Beach Slip and Fall Lawyers are ready to help!

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