Trains often collide with people and vehicles at railroad crossings, causing serious injuries and property damage. Although these areas are usually marked with warning lights and barricades, sometimes people still get stuck at dangerous intersections and get hit by the train despite their best efforts to avoid the impact. Regardless of the factors surrounding the accident, it is usually possible to file a lawsuit after most transportation accidents involving trains and cars.

An accident in Broward county resulted in a passenger train being directed into the West Palm Beach station.

Train collides with vehicle then arrives in Palm Beach

The collision happened near Pompano Beach at Northwest 33rd Street and North Dixie Highway. An investigation by police revealed that the 46 year old male victim was the only person in his Honda Pilot van and no one else was injured. The transportation accident was the second one at the same train crossing within a week. The other crash involved a man on a bicycle who was injured when he crossed the tracks just as the train was coming.

Passengers on the Brightline train reported feeling bumps and seeing debris, but they were unsure what had initially happened. An ambulance eventually arrived and passengers were taken to the West Palm Beach station after waiting for about an hour. The Broward County Sheriff eventually responded to the scene and identified the victim. An investigation also revealed that the vehicle had been pushed down the track for some time after the initial impact.

Passengers were also concerned about the significant delays they experienced and the lack of an adequate response. Many of them said it seemed like the train operator and their employer genuinely did not know how to handle the situation or help the other customers on their train after the collision.

Local law enforcement warned drivers about the dangers of oncoming trains and the fact that it can take up to a mile for them to come to a complete stop. Attempting to beat the train or maneuver around the barricades often causes accidents, so it is important to keep some distance between the tracks and cars or pedestrians nearby.

Train operators and the companies they work for can be sued with the assistance of lawyer after this kind of situation happens.

The benefits of hiring an accident lawyer

Accident lawyers regularly deal with incidents that cause serious injuries or death. They can assist the surviving family members with filing a lawsuit that will hold the train operator or parent company responsible for the injuries they caused. After an investigation, the business or driver who is responsible can be made to pay out for various kinds of harm that they have caused. The legal term for these harms is damages. This is important because the amount that will be paid is usually the most crucial aspect of a standard negligence case.

Negligence cases

Most car accidents, injuries caused by businesses, and other civil cases that follow various kinds of harm are filed as negligence cases. This essentially means that a person or entity was not careful enough and caused harm or death to others through their actions. They will be made to pay for any problems that can be associated with their lack of reasonable care.

While it is only important to know some basic information related to an accident before contacting an attorney, knowing a little bit about negligence laws will help you understand how a lawyer attempts to establish fault and prove the amount of damage caused by an accident.

Florida’s wrongful death laws

When an accident results in a person’s death, there is a special kind of lawsuit that will allow their family to bring a case against whoever is responsible. Florida allows for a wrongful death action to be filed by certain relatives such as a spouse or children. This kind of case will allow them to be compensated for medical and hospital expenses, funeral costs, and any emotional pain and suffering or continued trauma tied to the same incident. Other damages may also be related to the person’s future lost wages and earning potential.

Because the statute of limitations tends to be much shorter for a wrongful death claim than most other kinds of lawsuits, it is important to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible when a family member has died due to the actions of another person or business.

Talk to a local attorney in Florida about an accident

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