Avoid Car Accidents- Tips From The West Palm Beach Accident Lawyer

Did you know that 20% of crashes involve distracted driving?

You can understand when you’re driving while distracted it is obviously easier to get into a car accident.

What are some distractions while driving?

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Grooming or applying cosmetics
  • Reading
  • Watching video content on a wireless device
  • Conversations with passengers
  • Operating the vehicle’s stereo or climate control settings
  • Using your cellphone

Tips to prevent distracted driving

  • Turn your phone off or put it away
  • If you really need to call or text, pull over.
  • If someone is in the car with you and you really need to call or text, ask them to do it for you.
  • If someone is in the car with you, ask them to help you with directions instead of looking at your phone.
  • Try to not let your pets roam freely in the car.
  • Prepare yourself before you start driving. If you need directions or make a phone call, review directions or make the phone call before you leave.
  • Try not to eat or drink while driving.

Eating while driving. Is it really that dangerous?

You may even wonder if eating while driving is even that dangerous. Eating a slice of pizza and driving may be easier for some and more difficult for others. However, if you take a sip of your soda or bite of your pizza and then drop it on yourself, it could come to a surprise, and cause you to lose control of your car.

Some drivers eat while the are on their way to work. Do you think it is possible to eat the breakfast sandwich in the parking lot,  as you’re walking into work or maybe when you get to your desk?

Wait for a red light

Some of these distractions can be done at a red light, for example, adjusting your stereo or turning up the AC. It takes less than a second for that car to stop suddenly in front of you, and for you not to notice. Texting has been a big distraction in the past years. Did you know that driving with a cell phone reduces brain activity by 37%?

Try not to drive distracted

Some of these are quite obvious, and some we know, but do it anyway.

Try to remember to take some safety precautions when driving and try to avoid driving distracted. You could be saving your life or injuries to yourself or others if you try not to drive distracted.

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