dooring accidentRoad rage, drivers who just can’t stay in their own lanes and a general lack of appreciation for cyclists – if you commute by bike or simply ride for exercise or fun, then you already know most of the typical hazards. Thanks to social media and a growing attachment to technological distractions, there’s another way to get injured when you ride your bike.  Dooring” is the latest hazard that biking sites and magazines are warning cyclists about, and this phenomenon is particularly dangerous in areas that lack clear bike lanes, which is all around West Palm Beach.

Many Dooring Accidents in West Palm Beach

In a dooring accident, the motorist has already parked and decides to get out of the car – without looking first. Whether they’re reaching to grab the items they are taking with them or simply looking at a phone, the driver or passenger opens the door, right in the path of a moving cyclist. The results are rarely pretty and can lead to facial, head, neck and back damage for the cyclist, who has suddenly collided with a stationery object. Since the person who opened the door is still in the car, they are rarely harmed.

Lighting conditions, the size and even the position of the vehicle can make it difficult for the cyclist to see that the vehicle is occupied and that there is a dooring risk. The faster the cyclist is going, the more damage they are likely to sustain.

This is a growing problem in areas that have heavy congestion, especially in West Palm Beach, on-street parking or that simply lack a bike lane. Awareness that a door could open in your path at any time can help prevent an accident and the resulting injuries, but since dooring happens suddenly it is difficult to avoid.

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