motorcycleMany people enjoy hitting the road on their motorcycle. However, riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous. In fact, Florida tops the list of most dangerous states for motorcycle riders.

Florida Motorcycle Statistics

There are more fatal motorcycle accidents in Florida than anywhere else. Only 7 percent of the motorists in Florida are motorcycle riders. However, they account for 19 percent of the people who are killed on the roads in Florida.

Motorcycle Safety Tips -Both drivers and motorcycle riders are responsible for making sure that everyone stays safe on the road.

Tips for Motorcycle Riders

1. Always Wear a Helmet
Motorcycle helmets are specially made to protect motorcycle drivers and passengers from serious injuries. People who do not wear a helmet are five times more likely to suffer a head injury during an accident.

2. Follow the Traffic Rules
You will need to obey the speed limit. The faster you are going, the harder it will be for you to stop. You will also need to familiarize yourself with State specific laws and regulations like not overtaking and passing a vehicle within the same lane.

3. Do not Drink and Drive
If you drink and drive, then you are more likely to harm yourself along with other people. According to the NHTSA reported that motorcycle drivers involved in fatal crashes had higher BAC then other vehicle drivers out on the road. Drowsiness and fatigue can also factor into cause for those type of accidents.

Tips for Drivers

1. Check Your Blind Spots
Many accidents occur because the driver was unable to see the motorcycle rider, especially at night. That is why it is important to check your blind spots often.

2. Maintain a Safe Driving Distance
The farther you are away from the motorcycle, the easier it will be for you to stop without hitting the motorcycle. You should use the four-second rule.

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