Joyous or not, all of these things are part of the holiday season. Whether you are trapped on the road with thousands of weary travelers, trying to navigate a crowded parking lot or faced with drivers who’ve had a little too much fun at the holiday party, your risk of being injured in an accident goes up as soon as the holidays begin. Learning why roads get more risky can help you cope — and ensure you arrive safely at your destination.

We’re Heading Home for the Holidays

All of us. At the same time.  One of the biggest reasons that the holidays are a peak time for accidents is the sheer number of people and vehicles heading out on the roadways. According to the National Safety Council the three days around Christmas (the 24, 25 and 26th) are some of the most dangerous of the year, racking up thousands of accidents and about 350 deaths annually. 

Parking Lot Peril

Staying home on Christmas isn’t enough to keep you safe. Since more of us head out to the big box store, the mall and the grocery store for holiday shopping, parking lots become hazardous as well. We may not have to worry about ice and snow, but an influx of holiday and seasonal drivers poses an additional hazard for locals this year.  According to the National Safety Council, your risk is increased because drivers are distracted– looking for a good parking space, checking the GPS and even texting as they hurtle through the normally quiet parking area. 

A Little Too Much Christmas Cheer

Traffic and other accidents peak at Christmas for another reason as well — alcohol. From the festive punch at the office party to Grandma’s rum-soaked cake, people are exposed to more alcohol at this time of year. Even those who don’t normally drink may indulge, resulting in more impaired drivers on the already overcrowded roadways. 

Being aware that the holidays lead to an increased risk and understanding what you’ll be facing this time of year can help you stay safe and allow you to enjoy the holiday, worry-free. 

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