personal injuryAccidents that result in injury can be difficult to reconstruct when authorities are conducting an investigation. But, there are very few articles of evidence regarding an accident that are more important than having creditable witnesses who can give a detailed description of what transpired. Many time those who are injury victims do not realize what happened, especially in a blind side auto accident. Those observing are commonly the most dependable accounts when they are willing to offer statements to an officer or help a victim build a solid case for compensation. When people are injured due to the fault of another, financial damages could be available. But, that does not mean the process is easy, especially when an insurance company or negligent actor is fighting the claim.

What is a Witness?

For legal purposes, a witness is anyone who has observed criminal activity or a civil action that has resulted in injury to another person and is willing to attest to truth regarding what they saw. They are a vital part of the US common law legal system. Many times, an independent third-party is the best evidence an injured victim may have, especially when accidents are complicated. An experienced West Palm Beach accident attorney can often use witness testimony to validate a claim and potentially enhance the value when level of fault is being determined.

Witness Impact on Fault

Fault is central in proving any personal injury claim, and many injury claims are strongly contested. This is especially true in premises liability injury claims. Auto accidents involve fault as well, but all parties to an accident by law should have insurance. All personal injury claims will have a component of plaintiff assessment regarding assumption of personal risk or comparative negligence, as injured parties typically cannot receive compensation for injuries they have brought upon themselves. But, having a witness who can give unquestioned testimony can be a real advantage when the defendant or their insurance provider is claiming a plaintiff caused their own injury or had considerable personal fault.

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