Florida’s no-fault vehicle insurance system mandates that all drivers carry personal injury protection (PIP). This covers a variety of expenses in the event of a crash, including lost wages and 80 percent of medical bills up to $10,000. In some cases, however, PIP does not offer enough coverage to relieve Florida drivers of extensive medical bills. These can be covered by an elective program known as MedPay, which we explore in detail below.

Differences Between MedPay and PIP

Florida drivers often confuse PIP and MedPay, but these programs hold numerous differences:

  • PIP is mandatory for all Florida drivers. MedPay is an elective program.
  • PIP offers comprehensive coverage including loss of wages and services. MedPay is purely designed for covering medical bills and funeral expenses.
  • With MedPay, insurance providers hold the right to subrogation — the ability to recover funds from drivers found at fault. No such right exists for PIP. 

When Is MedPay Worthwhile?

MedPay is a valuable option, but it’s not necessary for all drivers. Many are able to obtain sufficient medical coverage via employer-sponsored health plans. Others, however, lack quality health care coverage and worry about the financial burden they could face in the event of a devastating car crash. These drivers can find considerable peace of mind in exchange for MedPay’s modest premiums. Many drivers also appreciate the flexibility and freedom of choice offered through MedPay, with which there is no need for primary physician referrals. However, the potential for subrogation should be taken into account when determining whether to proceed with MedPay.

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