Potholes, poor drainage, uneven surfaces and more; for cars, these are a minor inconvenience, but if you’re on a motorcycle, these road conditions can be downright dangerous. Poor road maintenance by your local or state government can lead to an increase in motorcycle accidents and increase your risk every time you head out on the road. Learning more about the hazards caused by road defects can help you cut your risk and avoid an accident or fall.

Typical Roadway Hazards

Potholes and pits: These can fill with water when it rains; you’ll have no way of knowing how deep the hole is. This can lead to a nasty fall or crash.

Seams and uneven pavement: Rough seams, poor transitions between lanes and abrupt changes in elevation are the hallmark of poorly done repairs. These can disrupt your ride, particularly if you are trying to pass or change lanes.

Construction equipment or debris: Whether a team is trimming trees, repairing the road or painting new lines, the equipment they use, the pieces they leave behind and even the mess they make can pose a hazard to motorcyclists, particularly if the stretch of road is usually clear.

Who is to Blame in a Road Defect Accident?

If you have been in an accident with another driver, that person or their insurance company would be liable for your damages. In the case of defective roads, you’ll actually need to pursue a business or government entity. The group or organization responsible for the problem – the shoddy repair, messy workspace or unfilled potholes – would be the party to pursue in this case.

In accidents that deal with the government’s handling of roads and repairs, you’ll need to thoroughly document the area, including any equipment or debris left in the road. You’ll also need to take pictures of the road itself as it is at the time of the accident. If repairs are made later, you won’t have a good record without these images.

Most of all, you’ll need an attorney on your side when you take on a large organization that has harmed you. If you have been injured due to bad road conditions, sloppy repair work or ongoing construction debris. We can help. Contact us today to talk about your case and discover your options.

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