Our cars are getting safer. Crash tests, air bags, crumple zones, side impact ratings, and a host of other safety features and tests are helping to protect automobile drivers in the event of a crash. And it seems to be working. Car accident statistics by state show that fewer people involved in automobile crashes are dying as a result.However, motorcycle accidents are a different story. Lacking the protection of metal, safety glass, and air bags, a motorcyclist is at much greater risk if an accident occurs.

Per each mile traveled, a motorcycle driver is 35 times more likely to end up in a fatal crash than the driver of an automobile. Motorcycles account for only two percent of all registered vehicles on the road, yet motorcycle accidents account for five percent of all highway fatalities.

And while highway accident statistics take the entire year into account, motorcycles are usually not on the road during the winter months. So the frequency of motorcycle accidents per time traveled is inherently greater than that of car accidents.

But perhaps the most damning statistic is that, among motorcycle accidents, ONLY three percent are due to vehicle failure. This puts the responsibility for motorcycle accidents overwhelmingly on the shoulders of the operators, which can make for an uphill battle for personal injury lawyers hired by injured motorcyclists or their grieving families.

If you want more information, reports of motorcycle and car accident statistics by state and federal organizations are available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

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