motorcycle helmetRiding a motorcycle without a helmet can be extremely dangerous. In the worst of cases, a rider may die due to their injuries. Other injuries that could result from not wearing a helmet can include:

• Head Injuries
• Facial Disfigurement
• Loss of Sight
• Damage Muscles
• Bone Fractures
• Road Rash


According to Section 316.211 of the Florida Statutes, the law requires motorcycle helmets for riders. Furthermore, all helmets must comply with Federal Motorcycle Vehicle Safety Standard 218. [Deleted some language here]

Exceptions to Florida State Statute 316.211

Section (3)(b) of the statute states a person over 21 years of age can ride a motorcycle without a helmet if they have insurance coverage with a minimum of $10,000 in medical benefits to be paid if the rider sustains injuries as a result of a crash while riding.

All Children Must Wear Appropriate Headgear 

The law also states all children under 16 years of age must wear protective headgear on a motorcycle. A list of appropriate headgear for children and adults can be obtained from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

What is the penalty for not wearing a motorcycle helmet in Florida? 

If caught not wearing a helmet in Florida and not meeting the minimum requirements for insurance coverage, you will be charged with a non-criminal traffic infraction. This offense is punishable as a non-moving violation.

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