Personal injury can be any number of injuries sustained at the negligence of others. It can be an injury to body, mind or emotion. The damage and injury can be inflicted either intentionally or accidentally, but it all hinges on the fact that someone else is responsible for the injury.

Many personal accident injury claims come from automobile accidents. One of the most dangerous vehicles on the road today is the motorcycle. There are over four million motorcycles registered in the United States. As a driver of a car or truck, you must be completely aware and coherent of all of the vehicles around you at all times, including motorcycles, lest you be responsible for an accident.

Less than three percent of motorcycle accidents can be blamed upon vehicle failure. Guess what is responsible for the other 97 percent? While about 37 percent of motorcycle crashes are reduced from fatalities due to helmets, if a car did not look to see a motorcyclist nearby when they merged or changed lanes, they bear a hefty responsibility on their shoulders.

Even if an accident is between two cars, the repercussions can be severe. Just a standard accident requires a lot of time, medical bills, and insurance forms. If the accident was caused by alcohol, then it opens a whole new bag of problems. The accident is often worse, and the driver under the influence is in much more trouble. In the United States, almost all of fatal automobile accidents actually involve alcohol, despite how much we try to educate and encourage otherwise.

If you find yourself as the victim of an accident, whether in a vehicle, in the grocery store, or on the construction site, seek out a personal injury attorney, or even a construction accident attorney. With the help of a professional like your construction accident attorney, you may be able to settle for the money that you deserve without taking it further.

In fact almost 96 percent of accident lawsuits are settled prior to reaching the court stage. Most often the person or entity at fault is aware of their guilt and does not want to prolong the process. Just remember, seek the help of a professional in Personal Injury Attorney in West Palm Beach if you think you may have suffered a personal injury. Call or Contact Smith & Vanture Law Today!