Anyone who works on a construction site is aware that there is the possibility of being greatly injured. With unstable floors, heavy equipment and tools being used on a constant basis, a construction site is certainly a place where extreme caution should be exercised.

Despite being cautious, construction site accidents do still occur. If you are planning on working on a construction site in the future, or entering one, here is a look at the most common causes of construction site accidents:

Falls. Falls are, by far, a leading cause of construction site accidents. The uneven surfaces that are often present at construction sites, as well as constant climbing, mean that accidents can very easily happen – and they do. Falls can cause mild to severe injury, and even death.

Electrocution. Another leading cause of accidents on construction sites is electrocution. From installing electrical lines to powering tools, electricity is a major component in construction. Wires can spark and equipment can be used improperly, resulting in electrocution.

Falling Debris. Yet another common cause of accidents on construction sites is falling debris. Equipment can easily fall off of scaffolding that is being used on the site, or materials, such as sheetrock and wooden beams, can also be dropped. When such heavy equipment and materials fall, the result can be quite damaging to a person who may be walking below. The result of such an accident can be a mild to severe injury, and even death.

Since construction sites pose such high accident risks, it is important that individuals working on them exercise extreme caution. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have issued a set of safety guidelines and regulations for construction sites.

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