According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were nearly 10.8 million car accidents in 2009. As a result of those accidents, almost 36,000 people lost their lives. As a matter of fact, according to the Associated Press, car accident statistics point to auto crashes as being a leading cause of teen death in the country. There are 5,000 teens who die every year as a result of accidents. Parents may already know this car accident information, and they are understandably scared. Here are three things to consider to improve your child’s safety on the road.

Peers as Passengers

According to the Huffington Post, car accident statistics by age point out that teens driving with their peers are far more likely to crash than those who are under the watchful eye of an adult. When adding just one teenage passenger to the vehicle the teenage car accident statistics point to a 21% increase in the driver’s risk of death. For two passengers, the risk doubles and it only increases from there. Parents looking to keep their children safe must limit who they drive with, and make an effort to supervise them until they are able to pay attention to the road and not their friends. They may not like you for it, but they will be alive.

The Cell Phone

Cell phone sales, according to BullFax, grew from 50 million units globally in 2006 to nearly 700 million in 2012. Their sale and use continue to grow. Current teenagers have grown up in an age when everyone uses their mobile device all the time. They watched their parents use cell phones before they realized how dangerous it was, and have picked up the awful habit of mobile usage in motor vehicles. Accidents caused by distractions like cell phones are on the rise. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points out that almost 20% of accidents in 2010 were caused by distracted drivers. If your teens do not get it, take away their phones so they do not become part of teenage car accident statistics.

Inexperience Costs Lives

Both the Department of Motor Vehicles and Geico point out that the number one cause for teenage car accidents statistics remaining so high is their inexperience. They specifically point to the fact that teens are three times as likely to have an accident at night than during the day. Further, teenagers do not understand how to maintain speed and judge distances properly. Geico recommends limiting night driving until your children are comfortable in the daylight hours and riding along with them until you feel their perception skills are sharpened.

Teenage car accident statistics continue to be unacceptably high in the United States. However, by mitigating these three important risk factors you can make sure you keep your teen, as well as their friends, as safe as can be. By having a Car accident lawyer – West Palm Beach and a reputable medical facility in mind, you can also be prepared for the worst while doing everything you can to avoid having to use those services.

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