While car accidents happen for a number of reasons, sometimes a driver at fault will choose to intentionally hit another car during road rage incidents or other disputes. Whether the driver is merely negligent or intends to hit other drivers, they can be sued either way.

A serious accident occurred in the Juno Beach, Florida area involving a parent who was teaching his child how to ride a bike.

Parent is injured by a driver who may have intentionally ran him over

A father was riding a skateboard while he was teaching his young daughter to ride a bike on Celestial Way near U.S. Highway 1 and Pelican Lake. The father chose this area because it receives little vehicular traffic and it is usually deserted. They noticed a white SUV pass by the area and come close to where they were on the side of the road.  As the vehicle approached it slowed down, sounded its horn, and then appeared to speed up as it was about to make contact with the man. The victim was forced onto the hood of the car and experienced extensive bruising and cuts all over his body.

A witness in the area recorded the vehicle’s tag number and contacted the police. The 69 year old male suspect was apprehended about two miles away from the accident scene on U.S. 1.

Police believe that the suspect may have noticed the man, who is a federal agent, and intentionally hit him with his vehicle. However, at the time of the accident, the victim was not wearing anything that would have indicated his occupation. They were still in the process of collecting information when the news report was published, but he will likely be charged with aggravated battery with a motor vehicle.

Juno Beach is located in the north part of Palm Beach County, just above the city of West Palm Beach.

Suing a negligent driver

If a driver collides with a vehicle or pedestrian either due to a mistake or an intentional act, they can be sued and forced to pay for the victim’s losses. A civil accident attorney only needs to prove that the driver acted carelessly or recklessly while on the roads, and that they were the direct cause of the victim’s injuries. This will meet all of the elements of a negligence case.

Paying out damages

The final and most important element of negligence is damages. This is the legal term for the sum of a person’s medical costs and hospitalization, lost wages and income, emotional pain and suffering, and other tangible losses that were caused by the accident. The most skilled personal injury lawyers have experience handling cases where the damages can add up to thousands or millions of dollars, which are collected from the defendant on the client’s behalf.

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