Highways are always a dangerous place to drive, due to the fact that there are lots of vehicles moving at a high rate of speed in close proximity. When accidents happen on interstate roads, the potential for death or serious injuries is very high.

A fatal accident occured on Interstate Highway 95 south in Palm Beach County.

Man driving his vehicle on I-95 is killed in a large crash

The incident happened at around 1:30pm right near the Boynton Beach Ave exit. The victim was driving a 1992 Ford F350 pickup truck when a driver nearby swerved to avoid debris lying on the road. This movement caused a chain reaction crash that involved several vehicles. The 33 year old male pickup truck driver was pronounced dead on the scene, and at least 4 other local drivers from Broward, Miami Dade and Palm Beach counties all sustained minor injuries. The remaining victims were taken to Bethesda Hospital to receive treatment for various medical issues.

All of the southbound lanes needed to be blocked for several hours after the crash. A large box truck was also involved in the accident.

The Florida Highway Patrol started their investigation at around 3 pm, and debris and boxes were still all over the road. Photos from the scene showed all kinds of stray material nearby, and heavily damaged vehicles needed to be towed away. Initial reports from the FHP say that alcohol or intoxicated driving is not believed to be a cause of the collision.

Boynton Beach is located just south of West Palm Beach.

Fatal accidents in Florida

When someone dies in an accident, there is a wrongful death statute that allows their family members to file a lawsuit, even though the victim is no longer alive. This statute has some special rules that are slightly different from other civil lawsuits.

Usually a surviving spouse or child of the victim can bring the case on behalf of the person’s estate. This lawsuit will ask for costs related to funeral expenses, burial, medical treatment or hospitalization, the person’s future lost wages, and the value of other services they gave to their family and community.

Personal injury cases in general

Lawyers who focus their practice on personal injury law can file cases in the local civil courts, on behalf of injured clients. These are meant to recover various types of losses, usually related to healthcare and medical expenses. People who are permanently injured in an accident may be able to make a claim for a large sum of money to cover all of their continued expenses. However, it is always best to talk to a lawyer before attempting to estimate the value of any personal injury claim.

Speak with a personal injury attorney in your city

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