While working on the job several months ago, I slipped on a puddle of water. The leak was caused by a faulty sink pipe, which my boss knew was an issue, but never called a plumber to fix. Anyway, when I slipped, I ended up catching myself with my right arm and breaking it in three different places. Not only was I not able to work for a few months, but I was also in a tremendous amount of pain.
I was talking to a friend of mine, who recently has a similar incident – he injured himself at work – and he hired a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney in order to help him get payment for the money he lost because he needed to take time off of work, as well as his medical bills. He suggested I do the same.

He recommended the same West Palm Beach personal injury attorney that he used, and before I knew it, my case was settled and I was compensated, not only for the amount I missed from work and my medical bills, but also for my pain and suffering. To say I was satisfied is an understatement.

If you need a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney, I highly recommend this firm.