If you’ve recently suffered a slip and fall while on the job or in a public setting (a store, a restaurant, etc,) you may be wondering whether or not you should hire a slip and fall attorney.

A slip and fall is certainly something that can cause injury, and if you have experienced an injury due to your accident, contacting an attorney is something that you should consider. However, if you have not suffered any injury at all, or your injury was not bad enough for you to receive medical treatment, than you should not contact a slip and fall attorney. Why? Because without sustaining an injury that requires medical treatment, you will not qualify to file a slip and fall lawsuit.

That said, if you have suffered an injury that requires medical attention, you should certainly consider hiring a slip and fall attorney. To confirm contacting a lawyer and filing such a lawsuit, consider the following questions:

  • Does the injury I sustained require medical treatment?
  • Will the injury impair me in some way?
  • How long will the accident-related injury impair me?
  • Was the injury caused by my own negligence, or was the cause not my own? (Was the surface of the floor wet? Was there something on the ground that I slipped on?)
  • Will my injury be covered my medical insurance or by the insurance of the party where the accident took place?
  • Will my insurance or the insurance of the other party cover other expenses, such as lost wages?

These questions will help you determine whether or not contacting a West Palm Beach Slip and Fall Lawyer is necessary. If you do require the services of such an attorney and you live in the state of Florida, contact the legal staff of Smith and Vanture. They specialize in slip and fall lawsuits and will provide you with exceptional legal services.