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United States Veterans and disabilities

Disabilities can be life changing because they affect a person’s ability to function on a daily basis and work in certain career fields. The consequences of a disability can include the need for constant treatment, limitations on the person’s employment prospects and ability to maintain a job, and the emotional struggles caused by the limitations imposed by the disability. However, disabilities are fairly common among those who have committed to military service, due to the dangerous nature of serving in combat or other hazardous roles. Former military members who find themselves in this situation can get help from a Palm Beach Veterans disability benefits lawyer.

What are Veterans disability benefits?

Many individuals who have served in the branches of the United States armed forces find that they have certain health issues that develop during and after their enlistment period. People who have legitimate, documented issues with their mental or physical health may be entitled to various forms of compensation to help pay for healthcare costs associated with these injuries and related matters. They may also receive assistance with caring for their dependents if they are eligible.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs has programs where certain qualifying individuals will receive untaxed payments every month. Before these benefits are paid out, the person must show that they sustained some kind of physical injury, mental health problems, or serious illness while serving, or that their existing health conditions worsened during this time frame.

How does a Veteran know if they qualify for benefits in Palm Beach?

Anyone who wants to be compensated through this program needs to meet certain eligibility criteria and formally apply for their benefits through a government system. As a threshold matter, all applicants must prove that they served in certain qualifying forms of active duty or training, and that there is a current condition that affects the applicant’s mental or physical condition. Other requirements include finding some kind of nexus between the military service and the injury, to show that the condition was either caused during active duty service, worsened, or was somehow related to military service. Eligibility may be denied if the applicant received a dishonorable or bad conduct discharge. Because reviewing these eligibility requirements and the application process can be confusing, assistance from a Veterans disability attorney in Palm Beach is recommended.

The most common health problems for Veterans who receive benefits

There are a number of reasons why the government will approve payouts of disability benefits, although each individual should consult with their Palm Beach Veterans disability attorney to determine their eligibility based on their specific condition. Some of the more common types of disabilities include loss of motion in limbs and related mobility problems, chronic back pain, concussions, partial or complete hearing loss, lung diseases and respiratory issues, cancers caused by exposure to hazardous materials during service, and mental health problems such as PTSD and anxiety. Even if symptoms associated with any of these problems did not appear until the applicant’s service was completed, it is still possible that the Veteran may still be eligible for benefits. However, it is also recommended for the applicant to apply shortly after ending their service or noticing symptoms, rather than waiting for an extended period of time.

How a Veterans disability benefits attorney in Palm Beach can help with the process

Requirements for receiving disability payments can be strict, and applicants can be denied for a number of different reasons. Due to these potential roadblocks, attorneys who focus on issues with the Veterans benefits system can help during various aspects of the process to apply for and receive benefits.

The steps of reviewing the initial application and eligibility requirements are significant, and an attorney can assist with these steps with the Veteran to ensure proper processing and compliance with the application process to avoid rejection. The application also needs to be focused on specific health problems that are associated with military service, which are likely to result in an approval, rather than attempting to list all issues the applicant has and hoping for a favorable result. It may also be possible to investigate and research what information the military branch or Veterans affairs office has on file related to the applicant’s disabilities or injuries, such as reports of accidents and incidents. This can help in terms of providing evidence and notice that the government is aware of the applicant’s prior issues, along with whether they are considered to be service-related. This is especially true if the applicant’s specific symptoms and health problems are associated with any of these documented accidents or injuries.

The Palm Beach Veterans disability attorney can also advise the client whether certain other programs, lawsuits, or legal processes can help them receive benefits or compensation, even if they are determined to be ineligible for the Veterans disability program.

Legal assistance with Veterans disability issues in Palm Beach

Smith and Vanture is a firm that has Palm Beach Veterans’ disability lawyers who are available to assist local clients. Anyone who needs more information about these benefits and related matters can contract the firm to schedule a meeting and get advice specific for their disability.